From farm to table

Our family farms are across South East Australia in the Goulburn Valley (the "fruit bowl of Victoria") and in the Mallee in South Australia. A winning combination of soil and climate, along with our tree selection and processing, makes for a legendary oil.


Every April we harvest and press our green olives early in the cool temperatures to lock in polyphenols and fruity flavours.

The perfect trees

The secret to outstanding oil is choosing the right variety of trees. Our two oils come from the Arbosana (Smooth) and Coratina (Punchy) cultivars: both perfect for the Victorian climate and soil.


A large fruit that thrives in hot temperatures and has a delicate fruity flavour, along with nutty tones and medium pungency. It does well in high-density plantings and sandy soil.


Has a small fruit with a very small pit; it thrives in hot climates and is sweet and beautifully aromatic. Coratina olives synthesise some of the highest content of phenolic compounds (aka the good stuff).

The trees are also selected to reduce their disease risk meaning significantly less need for intervention.

Refining the process

Every process at the farm is crafted over a decade to ensure the olive oil delivered to your door is fresh, flavourful and all the nutrients are preserved for your kitchen.

Our olive oils

Deliciously natural

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Squeeze this oil on everything! Use liberally in salads, mains or desserts. It tastes just as good in a mustardy vinaigrette as in a buttery cake. Frying, baking, topping–Smooth does it all.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A rich, punchy extra virgin olive oil that adds complexity, fruitiness and flavour. A finishing oil is a chef's kiss to the simplest of dishes.


Can't decide which olive oil is best for you? Try them both! The Power Couple includes a 500ml bottle of Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a 500ml bottle of Punchy Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our sheep help keep weeds at bay and fertilise the soil wherever they go.

Sustainable Farming

Energy Usage

We use our own solar power on the farms minimise our carbon footprint, which allows us to affordably irrigate during the day when the trees need the water most.

Carbon Capture

We spread our excess olive pits around the farm with biochar to return additional carbon to the soil.

Natural management

We allow sheep to graze around the farm to keep weeds in check and provide great natural fertiliser.

We strive to ensure the long-term health of the land and the quality of our product.