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Our 3L tins are back in stock and sporting new artwork with the same award-winning Australian extra virgin olive oil

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Australian grownSingle estateAward-winningTraceable ingredientsSustainableRecycled packaging

Australian grownSingle estateAward-winningTraceable ingredientsSustainableRecycled packaging

Australian grownSingle estateAward-winningTraceable ingredientsSustainableRecycled packaging

Australian grownSingle estateAward-winningTraceable ingredientsSustainableRecycled packaging

Give your olive oil game a squeeze up

Unfortunately, buying good olive oil is harder than it should be. Leaving you to deal with contradicting information, unknown suppliers and lugging home heavy bottles that may have been sitting for years on supermarket shelves. At Goldi, we help home cooks easily access fresh, high-quality ingredients from our family farm to their door.

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Made from reclaimed plastics

Our bottles are made from recyclabled 'PET' plastics. We chose PET specifically as the best choice for olive oil for the following reasons

  • More sustainable

    PET plastic has a lower carbon footprint to produce and transport than glass

  • Infinitely recyclable

    PET plastic is nearly infinitely recyclable unlike bioplastics or many soft plastics, meaning it can continue to be used again and again

  • BPA free

    PET is BPA / phthalate free, meaning it is a completely safe place to store your beloved oil

  • Oxidisation barrier

    PET has an oxygen barrier 10x better than commonly used HDPE meaning it keeps your oil fresher for longer

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The Goldi Range

Olive Oils & Vinegars

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Squeeze this oil on everything! Use liberally in salads, mains or desserts. It tastes just as good in a mustardy vinaigrette as in a buttery cake. Frying, baking, topping–Smooth does it all.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A rich, punchy extra virgin olive oil that adds complexity, fruitiness and flavour. A finishing oil is a chef's kiss to the simplest of dishes.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Whole seasonal produce crushed with the same olives used for our signature premium extra virgin olive oils. Fresh, vibrant and extremely versatile. Comes in lemon, lime, chilli or mixed.

Balsamic Vinegar

Aceto is a balsamic vinegar that sparkles with fruitiness and flows like velvet. It's sweet, sour and made for us the traditional way by one of the best in Modena, Italy.

The Australian Outback produces perfect growing conditions for world-class olive oil

Our olive varieties produce high quality oils rich in healthy polyphenols with complex flavour profiles. They're tough, disease-resistant varieties so we can grow them naturally, without the use of chemicals. Read more about how we take care of the land we grow on.

Free bottle with purchase! Save with our best-selling Tin Subscription

Our subscription includes a 3L tin of our award-winning extra virgin olive oil, a free, full-size bottle for easy pouring, and a custom funnel for mess-free refills.

  • Inspired By Chefs

    Be your own home chef. Fill, squeeze, eat, repeat.

  • Subscribe and Save

    Save 10% on every order, plus receive a free 500ml Smooth or Punchy on your first purchase.

  • Convenient

    Set your delivery frequency and adjust or cancel at any time

  • Best Value

    Buy in bulk to get the most affordable EVOO

  • Sustainable

    One bottle, infinite refills

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Long-time fan or first-time taster?


Can't decide which olive oil is best for you? Try them both! The Power Couple includes a 500ml bottle of Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a 500ml bottle of Punchy Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Taster Trio



The all-rounder Taster Trio includes a 500ml bottle of Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a 500ml bottle of Punchy Extra Virgin Olive Oil and one of our 375 Chilli, Lemon or Lime Agrumatos or 250ml bottle of Aceto Balsamic Vinegar.
All of our oils, including 500ml Smooth, 500ml Punchy as well as 375ml bottles of our Chilli, Lemon and Lime Agrumatos.


Everything Goldi has to offer: Smooth and Punchy 500ml bottles, our 250ml Aceto Balsamic Vinegar and our 375ml Chilli, Lime and Lemon Agrumatos.

What makes Goldi different?

  • Australian Grown & Owned

    Grown and pressed at our farms in the Goulburn Valley and Mallee

  • First cold pressed

    Pressed within 4 hours of picking to lock in the flavour and health benefits

  • Award Winning

    Our olive oil has won awards across the globe for exceptional flavour & quality

  • Recycled Bottles

    Our bottles are made from recycled plastics and are full recyclable.

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4.9/5 of 685 reviews

Megan S.


At first, I wasn't sure if I even know the difference between the different flavours of olive oil. But now I have tried Smooth and Punchy, I understand how different they can be. The Balsamic was also delicious, I has it with some punchy and bread the other night. Completely recommend!

Joanne H


"This is my 2nd and soon to 3rd order. This is hands down the most delicious olive oil, the punchy is rich and the smooth is delicate and smooth as the same suggests!!.

Melinda R.


I love Goldi! I have now started to use Smooth on everything in the kitchen. I'm now hooked after my second order and will never go back.

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